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Windows KBE (windows kbe).

KBE Etalon

kbe Эталон

The most popular, versatile system having a different climate zones and a variety of construction projects.

• The optimum balance of quality / price
• 3 aerial camera
• The width of the box to 58 mm
• Steklopaket to 32 mm
• Resistance to heat 0,65 m2S/Vt
• Soundproofing in a different window assembly reaches 46 dB

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The company «AngryPlastic» offers plastic window profiles of famous German KBE. Concern Profine GmbH (owner of the trademark boxes KBE) in Russia received the first Certificate of GOST and Hygienic certificate (KBE windows can be used even in buildings food industry).

Window kbe - the first in the world, PVC windows, made on the basis of cleaner profile KBE «Green line». Of the recipes production profiles KBE deleted lead, which took place compounds Calcium-Zinc (CaZn significantly increased strength and service life profile ).

KBE expert

kbe Эксперт

Windows «KBE expert» combine the functionality and convenience of first-plastic KBE and perfect geometry, the most rigorous German standards of heat and energy. «Profile KBE expert» - a new window 5-chamber system width of 70 mm produced at the green line, environmentally-friendly recipes without lead.

• Pyatikamernaya system
• Mounting depth 70 mm
• Carrying capacity (15% higher profile of a width of 60 mm)
• Enhanced sound (up to 42 dB)
• It is more the size of «in the light» - a bright and fishnet window
• Enhanced protection from hacking
• environmentally friendly plastic for a recipe green line

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Windows kbe «Green line» - a window cleaner in the world! Investigators used a unique technology «Green line» - sustained dull sheen and high quality profiles KBE.

Windows profile KBE remain presentable appearance and the lifting of consumer quality, at least 40 years (the mechanism opened and closed up to 200,000 cycles).

KBE Extras

kbe Экстра

Profile KBE extra «The broad frame». A decision as to adapt the best of Western technology window to harsh climate of Russia.

• Width box 127 mm
• Addressing «cold bridges»
• 5 air chambers
• Steklopaket to 32 mm
• Resistance to heat 0,71 m2S/Vt

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Window KBE resistant to frost, heat and aggressive environment (high humidity, etc.). They are successfully coping with the thermocline with the help of samoventilyatsii and climatic valves. AngryPlastic The company has two production line of high-profile kbe «Green line» and assembly windows KBE. We have everything necessary for the production of certificates, including «Certificate of Quality Control KBE» and «Environmental Certificate KBE Green line». The certificate of quality control of the KBE is issued only to those producers who use the original profile kbe. All we have produced plastic windows correspond to the highest European standards of quality.

KBE Elite

kbe Элита

Profile KBE Elite - «Energoeffektivnoe window». This window system was created in line with recent trends in the development of the European window industry.

• Improved heat window, through:
• 70 mm width of the frame and leaf
• glazing up to 36 mm
• 5 air frame and mounted cameras
• 4-chamber impost on the inner air chamber
• Resistance to heat 0,75 m2S/Vt
• Zvukolyatsiya in a different window assembly reaches 55 dB
• Modern design - curved shape and beveled edges of the surface
• Increased stiffness stvorok by applying more rigorous reinforcement
• High quality protective

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Windows profile KBE - this new generation of energy-efficient window systems! Windows kbe able to solve the problem of creating «passive home» (homes, not requiring heating). Today, we are ready to offer a window kbe based on the popular profile of the brand. The most common among consumers is a universal profile system KBE «benchmark», with its broad scope (of the panel homes to the elite cottages). In a cold climate system has proven itself perfectly KBE «Extras» with a width of 127 mm box. Connoisseurs of silence and «home» heat, we are pleased to offer a window kbe «expert», made from environmentally friendly plastic KBE «Green line». High rates of heat and protection from hacking, with PVC window KBE «Elite» (pyatikamernaya 70mm system). You always find a window, it is satisfying your goals!

Windows KBE may be not only white. We offer more than 10 color options - from traditional to the most vivid and spicy solutions.



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