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Here you will find a window of PVC profile German company «KBE».

KBE - is one of Europe's largest developers of window and door designs made of plastic.

The German mark KBE (Kunststoffprodukte fur Bau und Elektroanlagen) - a leader in the market suppliers of high-quality plastic profiles for windows and doors in Russia.

KBE Group of Companies was founded in 1980, the main office and main plant, equipped with advanced extrusion equipment located in Berlin. Geography KBE combines representation in the UK, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia, Yugoslavia, China, Lithuania, Ukraine and many other countries.

The quality of the windows "KBE", 21 certified public institution in 8 countries, has repeatedly noted by authoritative international competitions and specialists from around the world.

System window profiles Deutschmark KBE already produces a quarter of a century of high-quality raw materials for advanced equipment. Raw materials with complex chemical formula delivers one of the world's largest chemical companies "HT Troplast AG", who speaks German mark KBE. Plastic profiles for windows done on the basis of PVC (polyvinylchloride). PVC is produced from natural raw materials: salt and oil. PVC is chemically neutral, that is not react with air and moisture, is environmentally friendly and safe. It, for example, produce the medical capacity to store blood and plasma.

In a research center KBE every day are being conducted to develop and laboratory test profiles. Turned decades of technology, long experience in manufacturing and research constitute know-how KBE - one of the leading European sistemodateley window industry. For two decades, development experts KBE create a profile, which gives you maximum comfort.

Unique technology Greenline!

KBE has become cleaner!

Window System, presented at the Russian market, adapted to harsh climatic characteristics of our country. Windows KBE sets of Yakutia to the Black Sea coast - an area of application from -65 to 80 degrees Celsius.

More information about windows KBE you tell our specialists by phone: (495) 648-68-68


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