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All plastic, aluminum, wooden windows and doors, as well as designs for a light and warm glass balconies, and loggia made individually for you! All our products are manufactured to order. For us, there is no standard product and the only way we can accommodate all your preferences and wishes. The price for a particular version of glazing your apartment or cottage home consists of a multitude of factors stemming directly from your preferences.

Among all the factors influencing the price can be very significant, such as:

the number of products (windows, doors)

the size and shape of products

types of profiles that are used for production

type of double-glazed windows (?)

you have selected options opening

Various elements of improving the style and design

Additional accessories (sills, vodootlivy, mosquito nets, etc.)

Selection of the necessary set of services

Price «standard window»

We propose to evaluate the approximate cost of «standard window» in different component so you can clearly see the potential difference between the prices of finished products. More>>

What is the easiest way to know the cost of glazing?

call the sales office

calculate the value of its windows

These and other factors directly affect the price of final version of glazing. That is why the product is the same size and shape, like most conventional window may have different value!


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