Wooden Euro

Euro from the pine Euro-windows of the pine

The company «AngryPlastic» produces windows of a glutinous pine lumber that is in accordance with international quality standards. These windows meet the most advanced physical and mechanical performance. The windows made of laminated veneer lumber pine is much stronger and less susceptible to deformation than the windows of the array.

If you want to buy durable and luxurious window, the window of pine ideal pohodyat you. The technology for their production takes place in two phases. More>>

Euro from larch

Euro windows of the larch

The company «AngryPlastic» manufactures high-quality windows of different kinds of wood, including those from larch. Larch is considered high-quality wood, and therefore Euro made of this breed famous for its beauty and durability. Because larch a third higher than that of other species, the Euro made it significantly reduces noise in the apartment. Larch grows throughout most of Russia. The most dense types grow in southern Siberia, and Altai. Climatic conditions of the areas that are most beneficial in order to get a suitable timber density. More>>

Euro oak Euro oak

Elite wooden box - so the windows of the oak wood. Oak is different from all other species of trees of its strength, hardness, strength, resistance to rot. Oak is valued for its aesthetic appearance, durability and strength. It is no coincidence that his use of land buildings and in shipbuilding for the main parts of wooden vessels. Colors oak is not clear, and specially selected for the color of the interior, from light brown to greenish-brown tint. More>>


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