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PVC windows Plafen (Plafen).


The profile was specially built for demanding Russian market and meets all the requirements of GOST. Profile systems Plafen of high heat and sound insulation properties. Product quality is confirmed by numerous European awards shows. Profiles of PLAFEN successfully additional tests on Frost-resistance and durability of 40 years. Specialists sided Austrian company Greiner developed a unique design outside and inside of the profile.
The company «AngryPlastic» represents three types of specialized systems Plafen:


The system S-line to date is considered the best pyatikamernoy design. When the width of 75 mm, the profile is ideal for use in the Far North and is a system of premium class. Unique and innovative product confirms the three patents. Section width allows the installation of 36 mm insulating glass unit and three units of sealing elements. Such design ensures the highest heat and noise insulation, can protect you from cold, even in Zapolyarnogo range of conditions! In addition, on request window completed a solid protective system . Elegant shape profile S-Line highlight the image of exclusive products, provide your identity and shape the image of the interior.

Plafen E-line

The company Plaffen positioning series E-line as the «interior». Profile systems perfectly compatible with any style of interior, covering the ideal profile highlighted glossy white. Round attached to the window exquisite look and elegance. Four-chamber structure and a width of 60 mm far superior to their quality of many analogues party. The design profile allows glass-packet width to 32 mm. An additional 13 mm slot makes it possible to use provovzlomny mechanism and gives flexibility to adjust the fittings. The unique system of installing insulating glass unit provides a guarantee of long-term maintenance windows and gives better resistance to wind loads.

Plafen L-line

Three chamber profile Plaffen positioned the company as a classic profile. With a low cost system has a high technical characteristics and can be found almost any buyer. Despite the simplicity of construction, insulation of windows L-Line remains at historically high levels, typical of the brand Plafen. Section width of 60 mm provides the ability to install insulating glass unit thickness from 24 to 32 mm. At your request, the company «AngryPlastic» install protective mechanism within the 13 mm furniturny slot. The width of the groove allows also great opportunities for self-adjusting fittings

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