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Types of wooden windows

Recently, more people pay their preference for wooden windows. In fact, the tree - it is environmentally friendly and, thus, the wooden box did not bear any harm to health. Wooden boxes may vary, depending on the type of production:

Finnish windows consist of two stvorok. In one of stvorok inserted glazing, and the second leaf - glass. Creatures Finnish windows unite among themselves with the help of beautiful accessories.

Unlike Finland, Euro did not have fortochek, and in their place is glass-packet. Such windows are opened in both horizontal and vertical planes. The materials of evrookon is glued laminated logs.

Roof wooden boxes also are made from laminated veneer lumber. They are usually quite large and often have a special valve for the ventilation facilities.

Well, the best jewelery any window is stained glass. Through special manufacturing technology, not just stained glass windows adorn the windows, but excellent pass sunlight.

The company AngryPlastic offers wooden windows of all types. Here you can pick any window you need forms, ranging from classical rectangular and triangular and arched up forms.


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