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Salamander Streamline

Plastic windows Salamander

Windows, based on the profile Salamander different from all other manufacturers of high quality and are considered an elite product. The plant company Salamander Industrie Produkte located in Bavaria. Profile meets all European quality standards. Of course, the cost of windows Salamander slightly higher compared to similar boxes from other manufacturers, but the quality is much higher.
A distinctive feature is its profile Salamander Unparalleled alpine white and impeccable German quality.
The company «AngryPlastic» offers plastic window Salamander made on the basis of different types of profiles, different variety of designs.

PVC windows Salamander.

Pass whether the apartment in mnogoetazhke, country house, get housing on the secondary market or just doing repairs in her apartment, always question the acquisition of modern window units - because you are going to live now in a new way? In this case, the company «AngryPlastic» invites you to choose products salamander.

The main plus products salamander, submitted to the Russian market - something that the whole profile salamander is manufactured at a factory in Germany. This helps avoid unpleasant surprises in the operation of window designs.

Salamander Design 3D


Production profile DESIGN 2D based on individual design and advanced technologies. Profile systems 2D is its reliable operation in very harsh conditions and excellent thermal insulation. Unparalleled optics Softline attached windows elegance and magnificent appearance. Profile 2D is designed for people making the highest requirements for PVC windows. The excellent combination of advanced technology and a variety of designs to meet the most exacting client. For all the merits of the profile, not least feature is its low price. The company «AngryPlastic» offers its customers a wide selection of ready - made solutions based on the profile SALAMANDER DESIGN 2D, as well as developing a unique window on the future design of the customer's request.


PVC windows Salamander 2D 3 D «Mix»

A feature of the production of the entire range Salamander profile is its interchangeability. The use of different profiles, one brand makes it possible to combine the advantages of a profile, depending on your needs. The system «Mix» allows windows to the original appearance and unique design. The use of 2D profile in the manufacture of the frame and leaf out of 3D - one of the brightest specimens interchangeability. The combination of different profiles to achieve high-quality PVC windows while lowering the ultimate cost.

Streamline vs. Design 3D

Pedantry Burger is well known: avoid marriage and decades of muck-established a good reputation - just not in their rules. Therefore, the quality of salamander claims could not be otherwise. The process of manufacturing profile salamander carefully controlled for the highest European standards of quality.

Constructors and designers with product development salamander traditionally use the most advanced designs. Today's profile salamander submitted to the JSC «AngryPlastic» two systems - Design 3D and Streamline. To learn which of those options profile salamander is to stop, read in other sections of our site.

PVC windows Salamander Sl Rund

The present profile is the latest version of Windows Streamline - a benchmark of German quality. Windows Salamander Sl Rund took first place in the rating for reliability and style. One of the technical innovations in the manufacture of windows, specialists Salamander created a visor on the leaf, which protects uplotnitelya from the effects of direct exposure to external environment that significantly increases its service life.


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