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Summary - Description of our windows to non - clear and without unnecessary details.

The picture right - the total window anatomy - to avoid confusion.

The white plastic frame, which is manufactured box and leaf, called a profile.

Two glasses in the picture are a common design and are called double-glazed windows. In this case, glass-packet single. If there were three glasses - it would be called a double. The period between glasses sometimes filled with inert gas - so they can better maintain the temperature. On the same, but the figures can be read in the article Heat? Even hotter!

Leaf and box may be different. They may be of different width and the number of partitions within them may be different. Partitions divide the profile to the camera. The broader profile, and the more it cameras, the better it retains heat. Our company produces different types of practitioners, therefore, in different variations can be used in any climate zone of Russia.

Color profile in the figure white. This is the most frequently used, but not necessarily the color. Our company offers several ways to staining, performed on a unique technology for the Russian market. The most practiced method of dyeing - causing a color film. Learn more about this>>

In choosing this method to select the color profile is very high, and it is a film simulate different types of wood. For example these:

An alternative way - is dying plastic still in the process of forming, that is color and plastic are one piece. In this case, the choice of colors staining profile - about 15 colors.

Plastic windows provide excellent insulation. So good that the developers had to worry about how ventilation, otherwise the fresh air did not have the room. Our company offers several solutions to this problem - more about this read the article Breath-breath test!

And the last. Safety and environmental friendliness - the notion nedeklariruemye. They need to confirm. Our profiles have all the necessary certificates. Russian GOST we are not just doing - we beat the. Moreover, apart from Russia, our profile complies with all European countries.

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