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Buy durable and high-quality plastic window offers a company AngryPlastic. For more than 7 years, we have successfully manufacture and installation of plastic windows of high quality. Windows and doors from AngryPlastic - this blend of technology and professionalism. The unique characteristics and properties created by our product guarantee its troublefree use for many years.

We offer plastic PVC windows and doors that can satisfy a wide variety of desires, whether the size, color, shape and style products. This page will help you learn more about and choose the type of windows or doors.

Choose the type of window or door

Examples of windows in apartment

Single plastic window Single plastic windows with transom Double-plastic windows Double-plastic windows with transom

plastic window

Architectural windows

Tricuspid plastic window Tricuspid plastic windows with transom Arched plastic windows N-coal plastic window
plastic window
plastic window with
Arched plastic windows N-coal plastic window

Entrance, interior and balcony doors

Complex Construction

Stvorochnye plastic doors Sliding doors plastic Balcony blocks Complex structures for glazing balconies, and loggia
Stvorochnye doors Sliding (Patio) door Balcony blocks Structures for glazing balconies, and loggia

PVC plastic windows and ecological
In plastic boxes PVC (polyvinylchloride) - a product of a complex chemical synthesis, which is based on natural raw materials. Thanks to its unique properties of this material is durable, very pillars and chemically inert, making it indispensable in many different areas of human life.
Plastic windows on credit

For their clients, we offer the option of selling plastic windows on credit and payment in installments!

You are pleasantly surprised to learn about our prices for plastic windows! Managers of companies will help you choose the option glazing by the you on all parameters. Our experienced professionals make the replacement of outdated desktop systems in your home to meet new and work on installation and assembly of plastic windows quickly and with assurance.

Can not find a suitable type of product?

If you do not find suitable for your type of product - not rasstraivaytes! Here are only the most basic types of windows and doors. Our production allows any combination of forms, colors, elements of style and design of windows and doors. Management consultants help you choose the best placement for your type of window systems m.

Visit or call our sales office or call the manager, a consultant at home!


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