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What is a glass-packet?

Experience shows that the word "glass-packet" people are often referred to as the design of the plastic window. Often found a phrase like "plastic glass-packet." Glass packet, as the name implies, can not be either plastic or wood.

Glass packet is a 2 or 3 of glass separated by interval. The amount of space depends on the width of the so-called "remote frame" - hollow aluminum profile rectangular section, which may have varying widths, for example 6 mm or 10 mm, etc. Inside the frame is adsorbiryuschy material, which, after sealing the package by special resins, stretch out mezhdustekolnogo space balances moisture. Thus, the glass-packet has sealed, which eliminates the need for cleaning internal surfaces of glass.

Glass packet teploizoliruyuschey is a critical component in the design window. Through the glass-packet core occur (80%) of heat loss. Our warranty service insulating glass unit is installed only on the results of research on longevity, conducted by Research Institute of Building Physics of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Science and OAO Polimerstroymaterialy. "

In order to manufacture insulating glass units with long service, you must have high-tech line with automated cutting, washing demineralised water, test and test window through scanning. This line is rather expensive and justified only in very high volumes of production. In Russia, they are isolated. Production of double-glazed windows for this equipment is only possible when using specialized, professional component (sealants, butyl, silikogel).

The existing GOST 24866-99 sets the minimum term of 5 years of service insulating glass unit.

A Did you know that the tightness of insulating glass unit from the company AngryPlastic - 40 years?

25 May 2005, concluded the test of durability of insulating glass manufacturing company AngryPlastic held in the laboratory "Stroypolimertest Research Institute of Building Physics of the Russian Academy of architecture and building sciences.

For the first time in Russia obtained an unprecedented result - the longevity of split-window production of our company was 40 years old!

For information: glass-packet, made easy (manual) way to serve no more than 3-4 years before razgermetizatsii, resulting in the loss of insulating properties and reduce the temperature in the room.


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