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Interesting article: How to choose a plastic window

How to choose a plastic window

What you need to know when choosing plastic windows? This question has confronted everyone who has finally been decided to replace the windows. To the window did not disappoint, it is important to immediately provide all the nuances and identify their needs. In this situation it is important not only to create aesthetic harmony in the apartment, but also noted a very important details:

- A temperature preferable, because of this choice will depend on the profile, insulating glass unit and type of ventilation;
- Humidity in the room: if the kitchen or in the room a lot of plants, the issue of ventilation will need to discuss separately with the specialist;
- Load of noise from the street: to correctly pick the profile and the thickness of insulating glass unit, which will protect you from unwanted noise;
- Street dust, soot: to correctly pick the type of ventilation, special ventilation devices;
- On which floor you live: to contemplate protection system in order to prevent infiltration into the apartment intruders.

All these technical details of the future windows and the conditions of his installation should be discussed with the manufacturers. Only this can guarantee you the comfort and durability of operation. Typically, managers will give you appropriate recommendations to buy: good manager never bad not advise.

So, the key consumer features windows are as follows:
- Insulation
- Soundproofing
- Safety
- Ventilation
Let more detail on each of these characteristics.


One of the functions of the windows - protection from the cold. A window of the premises produces far more heat than the wall and door. Modern plastic windows have great thermal insulating effect than wood.

The main factors influencing the ability of windows to save heat, are:
• window size, including areas related to the square glass window units,
• cross-section frame and leaf,
• type of insulating glass unit (single or double, or with simple energy-saving glass, the width of the air layer insulating glass unit)
• quality Adjacent windows.

Glass packet occupies the largest area in the window, so when choosing the design with improved thermal insulation he needed to pay serious attention. We should not give preference to a simple single-insulating glass unit - weather surprises may be far from positive. Typically, single-package opt for the glass industry facilities or residents of a southern latitudes. Pay attention to the usual double glass-packet: it retains heat better so enjoyed increased demand from consumers.

For higher heat saving properties instead of conventional glass in modern insulating glass unit using the so-called nizkoemissionnoe glass, which is a heat saving glass with a special coating of silver atoms. It transmits short accommodation in solar radiation, but prevents the entry of outside long thermal radiation, for example, the heating devices. Thus, single package with nizkoemissionnym glass on their properties retains heat better than ordinary double, and that is cheaper. Additional protection against heat loss also occurs if the space between the glass filled with inert gas - krypton or argon. Another advantage of a one insulating glass unit is its lower weight, compared with double glass units. As a result of reduced pressure on the fasteners and hinges, reduced wear and, consequently, increasing longevity and leak-frame construction.

At the insulation properties of windows affects not only the glass-packet, but also PVC profile. Heat resistant properties profiles depend on the total width of the profile and the number of cells in it. Today the most frequently used trilocular profile width of 58-62mm, but, for example, profiles Thyssen are 70 mm wide.

At leak design affects the quality of fittings. If accessories good, then the casement windows are tightly closed, leaving no gaps. Also, much depends on the quality of installation (which is why we encourage you to use in this case through a professional, rather than establish its own window). If the fixtures adjusted poorly, the tightness of the design may be compromised.


Metropolitan and noise - are two inseparable concepts. Living in a large city does not even freezes at night. Noise - a powerful stimulus, a source of stress, causes fatigue, insomnia. How did this fight? Today a good protection against noise can be a plastic box, because the sound is not limited by air, but also through the solids. Ordinary window is different shumoizolyatsionnymi properties, which can not be said for PVC windows.

The level of noise insulation depends on the type of insulating glass unit, from the tightness of locking binding, the quality of assembly. There are several ways to improve noise insulation windows.

- The thickness of glass: if you live next to noisy lines, it is recommended to install glazing windows with different thickness. This gives effect through the partial removal of resonance. Anyway, once you open the window, all the noise disappears, and therefore worth further on the ventilation system.
- The distance between the panes of glass units: the more air space, the better the sound effect.
- Completing the internal camera special gas with a high degree of sound insulation (argon, krypton).
- Use insulating glass unit in the construction of special laminated glass, consisting of two or more sheets of transparent glass, interconnected with the help of special transparent film.
- Sealing gaskets must be at least two. The form of sealing gaskets to provide a high density of window units.
- Quality installation of windows: Opening the seam between the window and should be tightly zadelan should not be nepropenennyh sites. Any looseness in the construction of mounting reduces noise insulation windows.


If you do not want to work with the installation of plastic windows in the apartment increased humidity, condensation appeared at otkosah and walls, stuffiness, take care of additional ventilation. Aeration facilities solve these problems, but it violated noise, dust gets inside. The most successful solution to the tightness of plastic windows is the use of special air-conditioned window profiles, which are widely used in European countries over 20 years. Such devices offer the influx of fresh air without violating the noise and pyleizolyatsii. In this case, ventilation of premises - this is an ongoing controlled process of replacing internal polluted air with fresh outdoor air. Ventilation is necessary not only for the removal of odors, carbon dioxide, but also for the establishment of normal moisture in the room, removing the excess moisture.

In our homes natural ventilation system is built on a revenue of fresh air through a slit in the window openings. Modern windows are highly leakproofness and in closed missing very little air. This property is certainly a positive quality, but if the apartment is not normal ventilation, somehow moisture in the room, not finding out falls on the surface of double-glazed windows and otkosah. A particularly hot these processes occur during the finishing works, in apartments with high density. Possible approaches to this problem include:

• ventilation openings through the transom or View windows.
• Schelevoe airing - through the casement windows, opening with the formation of cracks 5-6 mm.
• Provetrivanie using different kinds of inlet devices mounted between the IGU and binding, or just sink into the design of window profiles.
• Air ventilation through adjustable valves installed in the exterior walls outside the window aperture.

Security systems window.

Security window provides the following components: PVC profile, glass-packet, accessories, installation.

PVC window profiles are essential for security. What is the profile more and more cameras than they have, the higher their protective qualities. In a broad profile of axial size of landing fitting allows installation of protective hardware. Often, to improve the protective qualities further strengthen shtapiki, in the upper wall of drilled holes and screws attached to the frame or leaf, and the holes are closed decorative covers.

The shut accessories - a mechanism consisting of specially designed components, play a crucial role in the implementation of the layout design tasks energy, noise insulation, protection, comfort and durability. Due to the fact that hardware is the most high-tech element of the window period of his service primarily depends on the reliability and quality accessories for private houses or offices on the first floor could be invited to the special design of double-glazed windows with glass type «triplex» or protective shutters (rolls). Triplex - this glass, consisting of several layers of glass panes, laminated together a special film. With the destruction of glass, it remains a polymer film. The main objective of triplex - the most violent impede the invasion.

Installation of windows should be securely carry hacking effort against the outer wall construction. Type
fastening elements must be consistent with the material walls.


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