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Plastic windows: operation and maintenance.

Plastic windows: operation and maintenance.

To serve you a window faith and truth for many years, they need to take care of. By itself, the design is very reliable and durable, but if you do not abide by simple rules can be different kinds of faults and problems: chips, scratches, clogging drainage holes, moving elements of a breakdown, and so on.
So, look for order, what exactly is caring for plastic windows. Must pay attention to each element of the window.

PVC profiles should be regularly to clean (they accumulated dust from the inside as well outside the box). To clean, you can use regular detergent and special sponges or cloth, but always soft, so as not to damage the material. It is always empty, and seals (rubber «gaskets» profile). To wash performs best soap solution. After cleaning let dry rubber, then it is possible to close the window.

IGU require exact same care as usual in conventional glass windows. They can be washed using special detergents. To no divorce, use the jaws of a special material.
Accessories also requires attention and care. Thoroughly clean it (this should be done regularly), then lubricate a special solution to save the design of breakdowns and other troubles. Oil for accessories you can purchase separately or in «gentleman window recruitment»: liquid for PVC, lubricant for fitting and rubber.

If your window design requires no additional care, representatives of the manufacturer will inform you of this. Naturally, all of these requirements also have to perform if you wish long life to its plastic windows.


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