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A variety of designs PVC windows.

A variety of designs PVC windows.

PVC windows did not resemble the standard wood and glass construction, to which we are accustomed to. «Ordinary» windows usually involve one or more stvorok (normally opened) and View - a small «rectangle» top of one of stvorok, which opens separately. Plastic windows provide more room for imagination.
Blocks of plastic windows may be different:
1. Deaf. If you do not want to open stvorku, does not make sense to add loops, designed to complicate and increase the overall cost of your order. You will simply transparent glass-packet in the frame.
2. Opening leaf. Regular looped a mechanism that allows break a window and let in some fresh air into the apartment.
3. The so-called French transom: the element of insulating glass unit, which opens not on a horizontal plane and the vertical. Most of these stvorok can also open, and as «normal», that is, you have a multi-piece box of PVC. You can vary the width of the crack is even «winter mode»: the gap is only a few millimeters.
Upon compilation «layout» PVC windows in the apartment, to think in advance what functions will carry out every detail of design. Some windows need to open unbuttoned, some - only partially. Preferably, of course, include at least one French transom. At your request, leaf may be completely symmetrical, and differ from each other as structurally, and in width. The correct combination of elements will make your plastic windows easy and fast and not too expensive.


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