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Glass packet: what is it and why?

Glass packet: what is it and why?

Glass packet - a complex design that ensures leak-box, making a room well-maintained heat. It is a two or three glasses (respectively, produced single-or double glass-packet), among which are installed dividers. Why is it accepted that there is nothing between the glass (vacuum), but it's not. Hollows are filled with dry oxygen, and this really provides a leak. Sometimes, instead of dry oxygen use different inert gases, which allows for the absence of condensate, even at very low temperatures.

The strength and integrity of the assembly - a very important indicator to «responsible» for the quality insulating glass unit. Even a very tiny cavities will ensure that precious heat leaves the room. Incidentally, the owner of note: ironically, much more practical to install plastic windows in cold seasons (but at or below 15 ° C): You can immediately check the quality of products mounted.
As we have mentioned, insulating glass units are single and dvuhkamernye. For older buildings with poor heating the second most suitable because they provide greater tightness and a lack of condensate at relatively low temperatures.

But to live in an apartment corked, pant, even in the harshest winters, too few like it. Therefore, we recommend you buy a special ventilation valve, or included in the design of the French transom: it can priotkryt quite a bit, the air will flow, and heat will not disappear.


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