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Plastic windows for balconies and loggias.

Plastic windows for balconies and loggias.

Glazing balconies, and loggia especially popular in recent years. Because it allows you to make the uncomfortable and open all the winds Piglet behind the windows of this «small room»! All that does not want to see the apartment, but pity miscarry, you can add it without having to fear that «Treasures» hit by snow, rain or sun palyaschego. The most practical solution for glazing - plastic window.

Only they can provide sufficient tightness to create a good climate on the balcony. As a result, even in the winter of your favorite old books and old magazines did not suffer a bicycle does not cover the rust and izmorosyu, even the old technology still works!

We describe the version of the so-called «thermal glazing», but there are still «cold». This is performed using special aluminum. From the cold does not prevent such a construction, but would impede the ingress to the balcony of precipitation and bright light. «Cold» design has several advantages: a relatively low price, small size, the ability to maintain the «natural» temperature on the balcony.

Specialists recommend glaze balcony or loggia with other windows in the apartment. If you postpone this important case and then may have to subsequently modify all balcony designed to correct and put otkosy «fit», all glass units! Agree, this will entail unnecessary spending, so it's best to do everything at once.


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