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Glass in plastic boxes can save heat.

Glass in plastic boxes can save heat.

Plastic boxes are selling for various reasons. Someone like their appearance: clean and well-groomed. Someone wants to get rid of noise (especially true for apartments in large cities located in houses on busy highway). Someone wants to keep warm in winter. The last argument, by the way, one of the most important for the people of our country: at least winter in recent years and are not afraid at all even severe frost in colder years, the apartments are vymorazhivayutsya and comfortless.
But even modern glass units in plastic boxes do not always provide the proper retention of heat in the room. Other experts led different figures in general show that on the street can go up to 50% of accumulated heat. If you printsipialen it is the climate in the apartment, there is a solution: the use of energy-efficient glazing that retain heat better.
They are a multi-layer construction, covered with a thin layer of silver. They just provide a magical property to keep warm. In doing so, the very thin layer of silver, so that visually it does not occur - and thus, clear glass remains, darkening the premises will not be created.
By the way, saving you a plastic box and summer: if the winter they do not produce heat, the hottest time of year, shut out! This means that your room will be mired in a pleasant coolness, even if you do not want to put a powerful air-conditioning.


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