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Installation of plastic windows in winter.

Installation of plastic windows in winter.

The desire to change the windows could come at any time of year. But many may wonder: a safe to install plastic windows in the winter when the temperature outside is very different from what it indoors? Let's try to look into the matter.

To begin with, with very low temperature mount plastic windows, no one shall be taken. The possibilities of modern materials allow installation at temperatures up to -15 ° C (if indoors natopleno) or -10 ° C (if cold room - for example, loggia). This is primarily because of the harshness of frost, no one can guarantee that all the materials used maintain their performance and windows will serve for many years.
It is important to observe the special technology. First, you can not install windows immediately after delivery: PVC in the cold chilled by changing its size. In order not to have problems, it is necessary to hold the window some time in the heat. Typically, doing so: first, delivering design, and the next day installation. Secondly, it is important to warm materials before installing (most of them losing their properties from cooling).

An important question is not whether vymorozitsya apartment at the time of installation. For this face is not: the installation of plastic windows will not take too much time, the average working fit in 40-50 minutes. This time is not enough to turn the apartment into vymorozhennuyu cave or a refrigerator.
There are advantages and installation of plastic windows in the cold time of year: you will have the opportunity to immediately assess how well-done job. If somewhere will be cavity, provoking Draft, you just feel it, just stand in front of the window. If somewhere in the left slot, causing zapotevanie, you too can soon learn that. Accordingly, if you have any claim to the assembly, you can immediately submit them. Most defects rectified on the spot and quickly.


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