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Plastic windows: mount to repair or after?

Plastic windows: mount to repair or after?

Many people try to combine the installation of plastic windows in the renovation of the apartment. This is logical: Updates in rooms we do relatively rare, but certainly the number of take, I would like to convert it all!
But the natural question: what better way to do this? Perhaps the first order and install windows, and then taken for repairs? Or vice versa, first brought into the ideal type of room, and then provide a decent outline for windows? The right will be the first option.
The fact is that the installation of PVC windows implies a substantial violation of the integrity of the walls. Besides, that would break the old frame, concrete must be hollow out to get enough space for window profile. If you've already managed to smooth out the wall and pokleit wallpaper (or paint to cause an artificial plaster, and so Pace put tiles!), All beauty will be spoiled. And then, will again take up trowel and glue or call the masters.
In addition, the installation of plastic windows - not the «pure» event. Get ready for what will fly home to fine dust and large debris off on the floor (and thanks, if you do so «local», rather than raznesut throughout the premises). That is, the furniture will have to close down, cover the walls and floor to defend, and then for a long time to destroy the effects of installation (construction dust's in the air before the half!).
Therefore, much more logical to first install windows (and preferably with all the jags and windowsills to instantly see the dimensions of the overall design) and then with a calm conscience to begin repairs.


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