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Design of plastic windows.

Design of plastic windows.

Most people plastic window associated with white: white frame in the same window sill ... However, this is not the only option window decorations.
For example, you can make the frame and sill ... colorful. Most companies producing plastic windows provides a broad palette of colors available. You can pick a shade that best fits the colors used in interior spaces. Therefore, by the way, we suggest that you first determine the design of the room, and then proceed to order plastic windows.
If you wish, can be colored and the frame and sill, or one of these elements individually.
Also, in some cases, you can choose the texture of plastic for podokonnika: smooth or rough - depending on your preference.
Self-color or do anything plastic windows do not: it may negatively affect both the physical appearance, and in the operating characteristics of plastic. Name «coloring» allows for a combination of beauty and practicality.
You can also choose the width of windowsills. Would you like to - get an additional «divan» by the window, you want - to limit reasonable minimalism.


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