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In the jungle city of stone, a very rare materials and environmentally clean air, and we want that surrounded us safe and pleasant things. Therefore, when selecting new windows for your apartment, it is important to us that they are not only beautiful and quality, but also guarantee security for health.

PVC windows and ecological

To produce high-quality plastic window of environmentally friendly materials. PVC (polyvinyl) - a product of unusual chemical synthesis, the core of which is a natural raw materials - gas, sodium chloride (salt) and oil. Due to its unique properties of this material is durable, very pillars and chemically inert, making it indispensable to various areas of human life.

There are many examples which make it possible to make a clear conclusion: PVC is not causing any harm to human health!

For example - one of the uses of PVC - the installation of plastic windows in excellent home for allergy sufferers and asthmatics - the so-called «DC House». Another example - construction of the receptacles to store blood plasma and blood. It is impossible to imagine a greater demands for safety and hygienic material, as in this case!

With us you will be confident of
safety and health of their loved ones!

Fire PVC windows

PVC (thanks to special additives) - does not support the combustion process, and absolutely pozharobezopasen. Moreover! If the fire happened, plastic window will suffocate the fire: new windows with vacuum steklopaketami - great teploizolyatory and germetizatory glass is not polopayutsya of high temperatures, and hence will not be the flow of oxygen in the room.

The protection from hacking

Our windows and doors uberegut you and your family from unbidden guests and foreign eyes. In the application of special protective fitting, it becomes impossible - illegal entry into your home. Toniruyuschie A film reinforce the strength and insulating glass unit uberegut you from splinters. From the views of outsiders will help shield the mirror effect of tinted glasses!

Your - quality windows and doors, will be made only fully certified and environmentally friendly materials. They not only grace but also secure your house!



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