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1. This site is registered as electronic media. For managers without the legal department in the company - for clarification, please contact the Ministry of Culture and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation. In the case of copyright infringement: Your work at a minimum will be covered under the law on the media. " Also, we read the Criminal Code.

Компании, которым "кажется", что некоторые рисунки и словосочетания слов "похожи" на аналогичные, на их сайтах — мы с удовольствием ждем от вас об этом информации. 2. Companies that "think" that certain images and phrases of "similar" to similar to their sites - we are pleased to welcome this information. . This will help our legal department not to waste time searching the Internet - have violated our copyrights.

3. In the event of our lawsuit:

1) Isttsu immediately be presented with a counterclaim (legitimate reasons and justification for this, our lawyers can always find enough that is very easy to do with confusing and complicated Russia's legal system, moreover, often backed up or accelerated by various "incentives").

2) the plaintiff would be recovered our cost of enforcement (one hour per lawyer exercise our legal security of lawyers, "ARBITRAZHSUDPRAVO" (www.advokatura.ru) is from 175 to 500 dollars - to calculate how much it costs several tens of hours several lawyers, plaintiff will be able, when he will be charged this amount).

These factors are taken into account is particularly mountain mettled-lawyers, trying to flash before his superiors legal genius and persuasive superiors that "the enterprise, in any case nothing to lose but to withdraw the lawsuit has always uspeet."

4. The founders of the company's work in "certain" government.

In the case of "misunderstanding" these arguments and obstacles continue normal operation the company - will be adequate measures of influence: from the cancellation of registration of a domain name and revocation of licenses to ...

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