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Being always connected. Well to make a presentation. Intelligence calculate the design. This is only a fraction of the opportunities offered by mobile office. The office is a self-contained, mobile, settlement and a presentation package, which visitors receive unprecedented opportunities:

We are reducing the distance!
You do not need to look closest to home or work office. We come in your own time and place, and if you wish, then prosleduem to the site of the stopwatch.
Accurate information!
In the mobile office is working manager-adviser, who, with the measure will give you the exact size, and hence the exact price of windows.
Our office is at your door!
There is no need since the stopwatch to go into the office to familiarize themselves with the product.
We know how to greet guests!
In the mobile office created comfortable conditions for the client. The office is equipped with comfortable furniture, all the models for presentations and modern computers for the calculation of any complexity.
You'll be interesting!
Inside you waiting for communication with highly skilled professionals who will tell all of the windows and show their capacity for full-text samples.
Mobile Office is always in touch and be ready to you at any time!

Living in the megalopolis is considered to be interesting and prestigious. But for a city picks up our most precious asset. The city takes time! The time that we could spend on, friends, family, leisure and learning:

The decision to replace the windows can ripen long enough, and linked to the fact that the service is relatively expensive, as well as the fact that companies working in this area is becoming more and more. By passing this in the decision, usually uchuvstvuyut several people and each is trying to assess uvidennomu or heard.

The company AngryPlastic took another step forward. When booking a mobile office, you choose one exit, a whole range of activities. And it certainly saves you time!

We appreciate your choice and your time!

Free check-out mobile office can be ordered by calling the telephone 648-68-68 or directly from the site!



Telephone in Moscow:
(495) 648-68-68
m. Theater,
st. Nikolskaya, 15
receiving calls:
Office hours:
09:00 - 22:00 (always)
10:00 - 18:00 (weekdays)
Alexander 373-696-966
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