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Nov. 24 | 2008
16 October | 2008

Plastic and wooden windows Multi Window. "
Frequently Asked Questions.

Whether to set Ctoit "plastic" window?

If you like to hold evening at home in a warm and cozy atmosphere.
If you like silence and cleanliness of the apartment.
If you are happily watching in the winter for the winter, rather than on the ice patterns on the windows.
If you prefer a nice view from the window rather than a thick layer of dust between frames, the answer "Yes" is clear!

Book the plastic windows and spare itself even from most of the urgent matters in the household.

The company «AngryPlastic» will help you with this. We Checkout and make plastic windows and doors, taking into account exactly your wishes.
Every time has its distinctive features:
Plastic boxes are not the future, it is now!

IGU - layer-cake.

Comfort in the home or office depends largely on the quality of the windows. It is therefore becoming increasingly popular glazing.

Glass packet - is a kind of «layer-cake» sheets of glass and air chambers. Of course, the number of closed cavities inside the insulating glass unit may be different. Single-glazing best places with warmer climates. However, residents of Russia's regions, where temperatures often fall below - 15 ° C, prefer to use the two-and trilocular glazing.

IGU not only retain heat in the room, but also provide enhanced sound insulation. If the windows «look» at the lively thoroughfare, without double-insulating glass unit can not do. And for a quiet courtyard, you can apply a single 24-mm glass units.

Of course, the best selection of double-glazed windows - the task of professionals.

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Soon! - Section GOSTs and SNiPy "
installation of Guest.

The company AngryPlastic welcomes you!

Thank you for your interest in our company and Internet presence. We hope that the information you learn about us and about our services you are interested and will help further mutual cooperation.

PVC windows. Plastic and wooden boxes.

The company AngryPlastic - is a modern successful retail network for the production, sale and installation of plastic windows, doors and windows made of aluminum, wood, profiles the highest quality for private and corporate clients. Also, we are providing services - warming balconies, and loggia warming. The company «AngryPlastic» has its own production and to realize the installation of plastic windows. Our factories produce plastic windows windows PVC (plastic profiles for windows stamps Thyssen, KBE, Trocal, Veka, etc.), wooden windows and aluminum windows and doors - are the products with which we are working for more than 7 years.

Plastic windows, as the main products of our company - it is all windows full bundling, diverse choices and the highest quality! And we know that by becoming a customer, you will surely recommend plastic window company AngryPlastic their friends and relatives.

Just call us: (495) 648-68-68 (multi-).

We are not just dealing with the manufacture and installation of plastic doors and windows PVC. We give you comfort and warmth!

Our office sales of plastic windows at the very center of Moscow, the Metro Theater. We suggest you buy the elite plastic window on the cost of conventional! Prices of PVC windows you will be pleasantly surprise!

Our activities:

- Glazing balconies;
- Glazing loggia;
- Glazing plastic windows of apartments and cottages;
- Thermal insulation balconies, and loggia;
- High-tech solutions for offices.

Only in this market, we are able to offer a variety of species (wooden boxes, plastic windows from PVC profile, and the windows of an aluminum profile) and profile views: high-quality plastic window Rehau, Thyssen, Trocal, plastic window Veka, glazing and PVC profile of other known brands. This wide selection is available only to us!

We offer a whole palette of products:

Wooden doors and windows;
Plastic windows (Rehau profile, Thyssen, Trokal, Century, etc.) and doors;
Quality finishing materials.

A wide range of products - this is not all that we can offer to their customers. Our advantage in quality, friendly and interactive services, which includes detailed answers to all questions (by phone or via the Internet), the recommendations of experts, the dismantling / assembling plastic boxes, a convenient means of payment, warranty / post-sale service and much more, making installation plastic boxes of PVC profile in the fast and pleasant for you to exercise.

AngryPlastic - is a well-known brand, which is of trust and sympathy of the consumers of our products. During the 7 years of work in the market, we never gave reason to doubt our professionalism. When you choose a company that can quickly and competently install wooden boxes, PVC plastic windows or aluminum windows, keep in mind that the «window - this is our profile!».


Plastic windows

Without the extra modesty say that the company «AngryPlastic» - the leader in the manufacture and sale of high-quality PVC plastic windows. We produce plastic windows from a wide range of profiles (Trocal, Rehau, Veka, plastic window kbe, Thyssen, etc.) and watching the news of concerns. For example, we are pleased to offer the latest development of glass-packet Rehau AG for plastic windows - core system Rehau-Design with improved teploizoliruyuschimi and zvukopogloschayuschimi properties.

Plastic windows profile Rehau - a real German classics. The company Rehau AG exists in the market for more than 50 years and is the absolute leader among manufacturers of specialized systems for plastic windows. Windows Rehau symbolize reliability, longevity and modernity. Plastic windows made of a different profile Rehau resistance to mechanical action, weather and time. Working with plastic windows Rehau - we offer almost all the profiles and produced concern Rehau AG plastic glazing.

Along with plastic windows Rehau brand very popular among consumers enjoy the profile system and windows kbe, as well as plastic window century. The quality of plastic windows kbe certified in 8 countries. Among our products you will find the windows system (Windows kbe), specially adapted by harsh climatic conditions of the country (area of application windows windows kbe: -65 ... 80). We believe that the German quality of plastic profiles for windows and doors kbe - one of the best in the world!

The selection of quality plastic PVC windows - only half the battle. Consumer Properties window to 50% depending on the quality of the installation window. The company Multi Windows enormous attention paid to preparation and training of skilled assembly of plastic windows. Our staff professionally install window and explain the rules of sound operation.

Wooden windows

Wooden windows are made of three precious wood: pine, larch and oak. This high-quality raw material widely used in the production of euro-windows.

Wooden Euro perfectly complement the interior cottage home. Natural colors and the unique structure of frames to create a room cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Uniquely appearance of your home - so wooden glazing.

A metal timber boxes - the perfect choice for connoisseurs of natural beauty and modern lines of hi-tech. Metalloderevyannye euro-box combines the unique texture of wood and stylish appearance.


Roofing made on the basis of a functional system of Light. The design of aluminum windows is based on the Spanish profile Provedal. Advantages of windows is to ease environmental and long-term operation. Stone profile Provedal resistant to corrosion and other destructive actions of the environment. Stone Light cope well with glass balconies, complex and unconventional designs (modern stained-glass windows, benches, etc.) and glass loggia.

Glazing balconies and loggias

The company «AngryPlastic» produces balcony blocks and sophisticated design of plastic windows for warm or cold glass of loggias and balconies.
Glazing balconies, and loggia glazing, in fact, not much different. In the balcony glazing work is being done with three «missing» walls, while the loggia glazing requires only one «wall» (You can meet modern loggia with two or three open sides which are inserted and plastic windows).

We offer a «cold» glazing balconies and «warm» glazed loggia. «Cold» glazing is based on aluminum profiles Provedal. Selection is based on high consumer properties and a wide field of application of this option profile. Today, Spanish profile Provedal - the most popular type of aluminum glazing of balconies and loggias. Aluminum glazing balconies - cold. Temperatures will be on the balcony above the street only at 4-6 degrees. Aluminum glazing is used primarily for protection against dust, wind, rain and other precipitation. Aluminum construction of a light that would be able to withstand any balcony. Sliding system opening stvorok (Provedal) allows you to use all available space balcony. With glazed balconies, and loggia complex form, you can combine the deaf (closed), sliding and raspashnye frame, which improves the appearance of the facade, which is used glazing.

Bezramnoe glazed balconies satisfy the requirements of stylish and elegant design. Thanks to the free movement of stvorok on the horizontal guide, can be «open» balcony opening. Bezramnoe aluminum glazing transmits more light and harmoniously fit into the interior of a modern home.

«Warm» glazed plastic windows can solve the problem of «missing» room. Glazing balcony PVC windows Rehau, Thyssen, KBE and other plastic profiles for windows provides a complete seal, as well as protection from cold, dust, insects and other undesirable factors. «Warm» glazed loggia allows you to use all year round.

Want to buy a box of PVC veka for loggia? Before ordering glass loggia or balcony Decide with the role to be played by placement in the future (cellar, a place for recreation, etc.).

Typically, glazed balcony has continued. Metal plastic windows allow to use the balcony or loggia as greenhouses, stained glass, a winter garden or lounges. We offer a comprehensive improvement «new» rooms: internal (plastic siding) and external (siding, DRIP and visors), finishing the balcony, warming, the installation of mosquito nets, plastic blinds on the windows, shelving and cabinets.

Aluminum glazing (Provedal) and glazed windows with plastic PVC systems Thiessen, Trokal and others can be ordered from the parapet, which significantly increases the free space balconies and loggias. Tanker-glazed plastic windows completely safe. If the strength of doubt, our specialists will make strengthening metal corners.

Glazing balconies and glazed flat (cottage) plastic windows can be ordered on credit or in installments under the 0% APR! The company provides extended warranty on the doors and plastic windows veka, Rehau "Basic" and Rehau "Thermo", doors and windows PVC Rehau "Sub", aluminum products LIGHT "Provedal", as well as the ongoing work and some components: a profile Rehau, accessories ROTO etc.


Today, plastic windows and doors, stained-glass windows and the Euro are available to everyone! To order plastic windows or glazed balcony in Moscow, not necessarily overpay for a brand of European manufacturers. Questions about how to buy high-quality PVC windows, stained-glass windows, to make glazed facades or zasteklit winter garden in Moscow and the area is no longer valid.

Our company sells plastic windows throughout Moscow and the Moscow region. For more than 7 years, we are producing, installing, repairing and upgrading of plastic PVC windows, PVC doors, glass balconies and loggias, as well as the manufacture of plastic designs to order - and doing so well. IGU, PVC doors, PVC plastic windows, loggias, balconies, windows in installments, the design of PVC in the order (winter gardens, the design for glazing balconies) - about this product «AngryPlastic» know everything. Our offices are located throughout Moscow. Tens of thousands of plastic windows in Moscow - this is our products.

The majority of clients we produce, sell and install the best plastic windows from PVC profile and the Euro in Moscow. Proof that the work actually performed by us on the «excellent», are the many thanks to our clients, reviews corporate customers and objective awards - «The best glazing», «production of plastic windows» and others. In addition «AngryPlastic» - companies are glazed facades, installation of PVC plastic windows in Moscow on Guest.

Ordering glass-packet, Euro or glazed balcony or loggia? What is the process of plastic glass windows of cottage and installing slopes, loggias, the installation of plastic windows in Moscow?

It's simple!

By coming to you our zamerschik, check boxes, to be replaced, said you have all the characteristics of the future of plastic windows and guidance on the cost of accessories, if they are needed - and all for free. Order a plastic window requires detailed data. On their basis - our managers make up a detailed account (cost of plastic windows) on your plastic window, the window of the selected PVC profile, complex spatial structures for glazing balconies (loggia), plastic windows, have entered into a contract for the installation of PVC plastic windows, glazing cottage home. During the day the order is delivered to our production and begin assembly of PVC plastic windows for you. Then, free delivery service is a new PVC plastic windows, and assemblers are removed old windows and install new plastic windows. Problems with plastic PVC windows, loggias and balconies would not - for the past 7 years, we are carrying out a full post-warranty support.

To meet demands of our customers, we are constantly improving the system installation and the ventilation system of plastic windows of the euro, develop new manufacturing techniques of double-glazed windows, new methods of glazing loggias. Specialists «Multi Okon» developed 7 quality standards installation product profiles of PVC (plastic windows, glass designs for balconies, loggias, etc.).

We suggest you call zamerschika for estimating cottage plastic glazing windows, custom installations, glass balconies, replacement of old window designs for the new plastic windows! Telephone hotline in Moscow: 7 (495) 648-68-68 or directly from the site. Zamerschik arrive in your own time, we need only your desire and your phone to communicate.

Interested in cheap plastic box with deferred payment or by him for a year? Why buy a plastic window PVC, to make glazed or glazed cottage on credit? - Yahoo! Here is a credit calculator to help you on all purchases of PVC plastic windows in the loan and provide accurate information on payments on the loan for our products.

The price of plastic PVC window or door is very simple, so for your convenience in the calculations, we have developed a calculator window. We offer you know how many faces arched windows PVC, PVC plastic windows - Euro, entrance and balcony doors PVC, glazing of balconies and loggias turnkey or custom windows in Moscow.

Even if you have a broken plastic window or door of PVC profile - Do not worry, we know all about windows and how to fix them. We have a special department which deals with repair of PVC plastic, and we'll help even if you bought a plastic box with another company. We repair windows in Moscow at the lowest prices.

You important that all work was performed on time and on the «excellent», because you have a very large order for PVC plastic window? Production of non-standard designs with the use of plastic windows in Moscow is no longer a problem! Our office is working with corporate clients «studio engineering» designs for glazing loggias and evrookon successfully dealt with the implementation of such orders.

You want to install metal-plastic windows in Moscow on a custom View or any other non-standard Euro for the cottage office or loggia? We would be happy to fulfill your order, product and install PVC plastic windows and other products, for any project, even very unusual.

In all matters relating to the glass loggia, installation and repair of PVC plastic windows, evrookon, PVC doors and other of our products, please call multi-lines (495) 648-68-68, and come to our offices, or contact us via e -mail: and ICQ!

We offer you the choice of any manufacturer of PVC window:

PVC plastic windows in Moscow

- PVC windows REHAU (Rehau). - Bayern Munich.
- Windows plastic Veka (Century). - Germany.
- Tools Trokal (Trocal). - Germany.
- Tools Salamander (Salamander). - Bayern Munich.

- R azdvizhnye Tools Slidors (Slaydors).

Wooden windows

- Wood-aluminum windows (IFT). - Austria.

Wooden windows. Accessories wooden box.


- Glazing loggias (Bezramnoe glazing). - Italy.

- Elite glazing (Warm aluminum). - Sweden.

It's fun!

PVC windows: ventilated room.

Why AngryPlastic?


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